Santoku Knife 18cm Flash Tojiro

Santoku Knife 18cm Flash Tojiro

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When you use a Tojiro knife, you’re holding in your hand the product of more than one thousand years of evolution and quality craftsmanship.

Tojiro, from Japan, can trace their heritage all the way back to the days of the Samurai – the ancient caste of warriors charged with protecting the most valued members of Japanese society. These fearsome fighters required equally fearsome weapons. Japan’s finest swordsmiths were charged with the task of bringing to life the most legendary weapon ever created – the samurai sword.

These days, every Tojiro knife is designed with a nod to the same time-honoured techniques developed by Japan’s ancient craftsmen…though naturally, Tojiro have added a few of their own technological flourishes here and there. The result? Blades that are the perfect blend of technology and tradition.

Tojiro’s Flash knives are something truly special. Each blade is crafted from many, many layers of stainless steel, resulting in the beautiful rippled pattern you’ll notice on every Tojiro Flash knife. Flash knives are designed for hardness and strength, and yet every blade retains flexibility. And then, there are Flash’s comfortable handles, crafted from durable micarta – a blend of multiple layers of resin and linen, with a matte stainless steel inlay.

Just like a Samurai sword, a Tojiro knife will lend an air of distinction to the chef who wields it. If you value craftsmanship, history and tradition, choose Tojiro knives.

Flash Santoku Knife features:
Made in Japan.
Blade made from sixty-three layers of stainless steel, for the perfect blend of hardness, strength, sharpness and flexibility.
Handles crafted from micarta – a unique, durable blend of resin and linen – with a matte stainless steel inlay.
Hand wash recommended.
Presented in a Tojiro box.

Blade Length: 18cm.

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Japan has a long tradition of knife manufacturing. Over one thousand years ago, Japanese swordsmiths developed the art of sword making to provide strong, sharp blades for the Samurai, the feared warrior caste.

Tojiro have adopted many of these traditional techniques in producing knives for the 21st Century which incorporate the same multi-layered blades so painstakingly produced by masters in the past, and which both look and perform as well in a kitchen as their predecessors did in the fields.

Each knife is carefully manufactured in Japan.


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