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Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a branding method which uses ink to create logos on garments.

Using a vector file of your logo, a film negative is created per colour, per logo size. These film negatives are then used to make the screens (think of a small wire mesh window which the ink will transfer through).

By using the screens ink will be brushed over them to create the design. Once the screen print has been put onto the garment it is then put through a special oven which cures the ink to make sure that it lasts a long time.

Screen printing is a great way to add your logo with a more modern flare.


  • Create large and clear logos for a smaller cost.
  • Is light on the fabric.
  • Has a modern look.


  • Cannot be done on all fabrics (for example fleece, wool or water proof garments).
  • Cannot be done on all garment types (for example headwear or bags).
  • Is charged on a colour basis.
  • Once set up no alterations can be made to the logo at all.

Set yourself apart


Set yourself apart from the crowd by personalizing your uniform. Branding your logo on key pieces will add a professional look that your customers and staff are sure to love.

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