Recycled by City Collection

Recycled by City Collection

The future of fashion is not fast but sustainable.

Introducing recycled polyester into our fabrics, giving a second life to a material that's not biodegradable and would otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean.

Recycled polyester called rPet, is made from recycled plastic bottles, they collect PET bottles, wash them, dry, and shred them into small polyester chips, which then go through the traditional fibre making process. The chips are heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn. The yarn is passed through crimping machines to create a fluffy woolly texture. The yarn is the woven into polyester fabric.

To give some perspective to this, five plastic drink bottles yield enough fibre for one large t-shirt.
We blend the recycled yarn with a virgin yarn component to assist in keeping our colour standards and garment quality to a corporate standard.

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