Workwear by Ritemate


Having a major involvement in the Australian Textile & Clothing industry over the last thirty years, the executives of Ritemate Workwear bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to a growing range of high quality garments that are fast gaining popular consumer recognition amid a myriad of high profile brand names.

When asked “what is the point of difference between Ritemate Workwear and other more well-known and longer established brands”, we are proud to say through, Ritemate Workwear’s innovation combined with our vast experience and wealth of knowledge within the textile & clothing industry allows us to offer consumers, via selected stockist, a range of high quality garments with value for money in our brand.

Ritemate Workwear is backed up by the three important elements essential to the needs of consumers: “Service, Quality & Price”.

Our highly reputable parent company was established in 1977 and we would never have been around for that long without recognising the needs of our customers and following through with a service attitude that we believe is second to none.

Styling, fit and fabric performance are key features in the Ritemate Workwear range of garments.
General Manager, David Mair says “Practical designs, wearing comfort and hard-wearing fabrics
all combine to give our exciting brand the acceleration that we are experiencing in this
broad-spectrum market since our establishment back in 2006”.


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